Tiashoke Farm

140 Morris Rd
Buskirk, NY 12028

Tiashoke Farm

Our family farm started in Albany, New York when our great aunt sold 15 cows to our grandfather in the early 1940s. By the 1960s, the area was quickly becoming more suburban, and land and water was limited, so our grandfather moved the farm 45 minutes north to our current location, and transferred the business to our dad in the early 1970s. 

We grew up with Mom and Dad milking 50 cows in a stanchion barn. Before any of us could reach the pipeline, we knew the farm was where we wanted to be. So after college, all three of us returned home to the farm and over time, the farm has grown to milking 1,000 cows in a double 12 parallel milking parlor. In 2009, our dad so-called “retired” from the farm, allowing us three brothers to grow our equity in the business and take on 100% of the management. 

Our milk is sold through a regional milk cooperative, Agri-Mark, that owns the Cabot and McCadam cheese brands, and we raise roughly 60% of all our feed for our cows. We try to be early adopters of new technology and manage the farm as a team with each of us having specific areas of responsibility. 

Recently, we added a non-family partner to our business, David Green, who was operating his farm with no family successor and had his eye on retirement. This new partnership and the decisions we make on a daily basis are done so with the next generation in mind, which consists of our seven kids collectively, ranging in age from five to fourteen. Where they take the farm is up to them, but our goal is to provide them an opportunity to farm, like our father did for us. 

In addition to our dairy, we also grow and direct market pumpkins, beef and pork for supplementary income. Please feel free to follow our family farm and its daily adventures here.

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"The best thing that has ever happened to the NYS Fair." in regards to the Dairy Cow Birthing Center.

– Patty Davis