On Friday, August 20th we will be celebrating the opening day of the 8th Annual Dairy Cow Birthing Center at the Great New York State Fair! 

The 2021 Great NYS Fair will be 18 days long this year, running from August 20th through Labor Day, September 6th. 

You can expect to see cows and farmers from all of these wonderful NY Dairies this year!

Friday, August 20 & Saturday, August 21 – Will-O-Crest 

Sunday, August 22 & Monday, August 23 – El-Vi Farm

Tuesday, August 24 & Wednesday, August 25 – Hemdale Farm

Thursday, August 26 & Friday, August 27 – Sunnyside Farms

Saturday, August 28 & Sunday, August 29 – Barbland Dairy

Monday, August 30 & Tuesday, August 31 – Venture Farms

Wednesday, September 1 & Thursday, September 2 – Walnut Ridge Dairy

Friday, September 3 & Saturday, September 4 – Willow Bend Farm

Sunday, September 5 & Monday, September 6 – Porterdale Farm

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