The NYS Fair in Syracuse, NY welcomes the NY Animal Agriculture Coalition year after year to help provide a one of a kind experience for their visitors. NYAAC hosts the Dairy Cow Birthing Center where farms from across the state bring their pregnant dairy cows to give birth in front of a live audience. 

This experience not only allows individuals and families to witness the miracle of life, our little #uddermiracles, but for farmers and animal agriculture industry professionals, it allows them the opportunity to talk with the public about their work and why they do what they do back on the farm. 

In Addition, this event provides the public the unique opportunity to talk with dairy farmers and animal care professionals about the products they produce and answer any and all questions they have. 

The 2022 Dairy Cow Birthing Center will take place at the Great NYS Fair for the 9th year August 24th - September 5th.

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