I’m beyond happy to introduce myself to all to you.  My name is Erin Luchsinger Hull and I am the new Director of Communications and Crisis Management for NYAAC.  If you volunteer at the Dairy Cow Birthing Center you may know me as the Herdswoman who fills in a few days a years.  Cows are my passion. 

I grew up on a small registered Jersey dairy and cash crop farm in Upstate NY, just south of Syracuse.  I never knew how much I loved cows and agriculture until I moved away and was literally shocked to learn that most of our population has little to no knowledge about where their food comes from.  This drove my passion to spread my love of all things agriculture and start engaging with consumers.  It pained me to see people view farmers in a negative light when we were so proud of what we do.  I was on a mission to make a change. 

My husband and I own a small herd of Red Angus beef cattle in my hometown of Tully, NY.  We open our farm up many times a year for agriculture tours to spread our knowledge and love of not only beef, but all things agriculture. 

I look forward to working with NYAAC, our producers and our consumers.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and pick my brain or ask me questions.  I love getting to know everyone who shares my same passion. You can reach me at erin@nyanimalag.org.