With warmer weather comes the need and opportunity for farmers to get off the farm and do some field work. This means you may see more tractors and equipment on the road travelling from field to field.

Farmers don’t typically venture too far from the farm, meaning they only travel a limited number of miles. However, when you do see a farmer on the road with a slow moving vehicle (SMV) emblem.

I ask that you have patience with them on the road and to please use caution. Farmers try hard to not travel during busy commutes, and they will usually allow cars to pass when they feel its safe. Often times, tractors are slowing down to turn into a field or are towing wide equipment that can block views, making unnecessary passing particularly dangerous.

So for your safety and our farmers, please be careful. Farmers are not on the road, driving slow to make your life more difficult, they are simply trying to get good quality feed grown and harvested to feed to their cows.

For more information about sharing the road with slow moving vehicles can be found here. Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation. Happy and safe travels for all this growing season!