Each August, for the past four years, the New York Animal Ag Coalition (NYAAC) has taken over your social media pages with pictures of newborn calves. We’ve streamed videos, shown live footage, introduced you to farmers, answered your questions and so much more. But why?

Witnessing the miracle of life is something that dairy farmers get to experience every single day on the farm and we wanted to share this experience with everyone at the State Fair and beyond because it is our hope that everyone can enjoy this experience and walk away with a better understanding and hopefully, appreciation, for everything that dairy farmers do to care for their animals, their land, the environment and their community.

Our exhibit is so much more than welcoming #uddermiracles into the world. The goal of the Dairy Cow Birthing Center is to offer transparency into the world of dairy farming by making farmers available for questions and conversations, as well as allowing consumers a first-hand look into the care that is provided both dairy cow and calf. We mimic a real maternity pen on the farm within our tent and offer a true reflection of real-life management decisions and address all questions openly and honestly. As dairy farmers and members of the dairy industry, we are committed to being upfront, honest and presenting what we do on our farm in a truthful manner.

There’s no udder place for the answer than at the Dairy Cow Birthing Center at the State Fair. Swing by and see an #uddermiracle!

One of the most rewarding moments at the Dairy Cow Birthing Center is seeing the more than 300 dairy farmers and industry representatives find shared values with each person they communicate with. This exhibit provides consumers the opportunity to ask their questions in a very personal, intimate setting and it also gives farmers the opportunity to share their passion. Farming is a science-driven industry and can sometimes be difficult to understand. So under our tent, it is our mission to provide a chance for one-on-one conversations to occur where clarity can be provided in a personal fashion.

This exhibit is truly a labor of love and comes together as a result of the collaboration of numerous businesses, organizations, farmers, volunteers and so many more that dedicate their time, their money and their passion to a mission that they truly believe in. We are doing this because we feel there is a need for information, there’s a want for the truth and there’s a desire to understand the bottom line of dairy farming. In agriculture, farmers have a passion and that passion comes alive when they have the chance to talk about it. The Dairy Cow Birthing Center is the center stage for farmers to share their story, explain what they do every day on the farm and more importantly, why they do what they do and it’s their chance to connect with you, the consumer.

While Birthing Centers are not a new concept, our exhibit is like no other in the country. Where else can you witness the miracle of life while sitting next to the farmer who just explained how milk production begins with the birth of a newborn calf? Where else can you have the opportunity to meet with a real life veterinarian that explains how farmers care their animals and then talk to a dairy nutritionist about the need for GMO crops? No other place provides fairgoers a real life experience like we do and that is what makes the birthing center so unique. We are proud to be part of the New York dairy industry and we hope you get to see and realize all that we are proud of.