If you ask any farm kid what their favorite part of summer is, you will more than likely hear about attending the county fair with their favorite calf. (It was mine!) Well, farmkids across the countryside are once again gearing up for fair season.

To do so, you must first pick the perfect animal – not all cows get to go to the fair. (Think beauty pageant). Ideally, you want the most desirable animal, and to determine that she must…
– Have good confirmation, such as good feet and legs, tall posture, and a deep body.
– Have an award-winning personality.
– Learn to lead on a halter.
– Be clean with a flattering haircut.
– Must receive a balanced meal to perform to her best ability.

Watch Harley, one of The Farmgirl Fashionistas who are farm girls from western New York, who just selected her calf and now has the task to teaching it to lead on a halter. It’s her first first year in 4-H and she has some work to do in order to get her calf ready for the fair.

The county fair is the really capstone event of the summer, when farm kids from all over the county gather together to show off their prized animals and projects, and build upon the friendships they made throughout the year in 4-H and FFA. If you are at a county fair this summer, be sure to swing by the dairy barns and check out the animals that farm kids have worked hard to raise and bring to the fair. These kids are not only 4-H and FFAers, they are the next generation of the dairy industry and they should be rewarded for taking pride in their trade.

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