Some say it’s a lifestyle. Others say it’s a calling. Some are the fifth generation and others are the first. Either way, it’s a true passion and a pride that runs deep within. And “it” is dairy farming. Dairy farmers across New York and beyond have a similar desire to farm with the goal to leave this place a better place for generations to come. They care for their herd, the crops, the environment, the land, and the community that surrounds it all because that’s what is right. It’s what farmers must do and want to do in order to keep their farm going far into the future. While some people chase a paycheck, farmers are chasing their passion because at the end of the day, it’s the pride and passion that keep a farm running.    

Check out our latest video about the passion farmers have for what they do every day. Video link: Louise Calderwood works for the Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance. For more information about NEAFA, visit their website