Caring for dairy cattle has come a long way. We are constantly studying and learning ways to better care for our animals, how to make them happier and healthier. Modern Farmer recently posted an article that feature’s Cornell University’s new Teaching Dairy Barn. The barn is called a “freestall barn”, the most popular style barn for dairy cows today that allows animals the ability to move freely in the barn. The barn is one of the new buildings constructed at Cornell University.

Cornell University’s new Teaching Dairy Barn – a freestall style barn

As Modern Farmer explains, “The terms “Ivy League” and “farm” sound like odd companions, but Cornell’s relationship with farms, cows and soil runs deep. The school — located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, outside the city of Ithaca — was founded in 1865 as a state-sponsored land-grant college. Government support carried with it a mandate to make agricultural studies a key part of the curriculum. The university was built on farmland donated by Ezra Cornell (who also endowed the school), and milk produced on campus has long nourished Phi Beta Kappa brains.”

Read more about this amazing barn and the advancements the dairy industry has made in providing housing and a better life for our dairy cows.