What an honor to have the Dairy Cow Birthing Center featured in the popular trade publication, Progressive Dairymen. Read the article below or click here to view the entire article on Progressive Dairyman’s website.

PD Magazine
Cow birthing center readies to build on first-year success
Written by Holly Drankhan
Monday, 14 July 2014 15:38

After seven hours of eager anticipation, the moment had at last come. Smartphone cameras snapped and gasps erupted from onlookers as small hooves and a wet nose emerged from a laboring cow.

With a series of forceful shoves and some helpful human hands, the entire 90-pound calf was expelled, encased in a slimy membrane.

The crowd’s excitement culminated in this miraculous, natural phenomenon. New York Animal Agriculture Coalition (NYAAC) Executive Director Jessica Ziehm’s words rang true over the PA system –“This is real, and this is live.”

Approximately 160,000 people of all ages visited the Dairy Cow Birthing Center at the New York State Fair during its debut from Aug. 22 to Sept. 2, 2013. Under an expansive tent, guests witnessed the parturition process and freely asked questions of farmers, industry representatives, veterinarians and college students, all wearing shirts that read, “There’s no udder place for the answer.”

Interactive exhibits on feedstuffs and tools of the trade also explained the details of a dairy farm’s operation. Many flocked to the calf hutches outside in which moist, rough tongues eagerly gulped milk from bottles. Even from home, intrigued consumers could witness the births through a live webcam.