Dairy farming. “It’s not just a job you go to. It’s a lifestyle,” says Russ Beck, our next farmer in this six part series, titled “Pride and Progress”, produced for the Dairy Cow Birthing Center at the New York State Fair.

Russ is a 4th generation dairy farmer, milking 1,500 cows on his family’s farm in Tompkins County. He adds, “You’ll find that most of the people in agriculture and farming got into it because they like to work outside, they like to work with nature, they like to see things grow, they like to take care of animals, they are more hands on, they like to be out and around things.” Russ is no exception. Dairy farming is a complex business to manage, but there’s a lot of satisfaction in this work.

Learn more about Beck Farms here, and stop in to meet them at the State Fair August 27-28, 2014.