Our farm is a family-owned and operated business. In fact, my husband and his brothers represent the fourth generation. Like all businesses, we have a mission. Actually, we have several missions since our farm is so multi-faceted.

Our number one mission is to produce a wholesome and safe product – milk. In doing so, we must respect our animals and land – as well as our employees. We must be good neighbors. We try hard to be active members in our community, and we work hard in order to provide an opportunity for the next generation. And to accomplish all that – we must try to remain economically viable – meaning we try to turn a profit. This last one is probably the toughest one of all.

Profit margins in dairy farming are slim. We are the only industry that does not set it’s own price – it’s set by the federal government. federal government. So, we have to routinely tighten our belt, seek out opportunities to reduce cost, and all the while, maintain our commitment to all of the above. When it costs roughly $19.00 to produce 100 pounds of milk in New York State, and the current milk price is $20.00 – there isn’t a lot left on the table. I don’t share this with you in hopes that you feel sorry for us, but in hopes that consumers can better appreciate the abundant supply of milk and dairy products you find at the market – as well as understand the complex nature of our business.