For the love of cows! As farmers, we love our cows. They are truly amazing creatures. Beautiful on the inside and out. They provide our families with much more than just milk and a way of life. They give us a reason to farm and to get out of bed in the morning. They convert what is otherwise undigestible ingredients for humans into a nutritious and delicious product for humans. They contribute immensely to the economic well-being of our rural communities and provide real jobs for real people. They bring smiles to our faces daily with their curiosity and personalities. They are the reason we can call ourselves dairy farmers. For these reasons and many more, please consider wearing one of these beauties with pride. The sale of these tee shirts will help support the programs of the New York Animal Agriculture Coalition as we work to bridge the communication gap between farmer and consumer, allowing more questions about milk production to be answered firsthand by farmers themselves. Thanks for sharing the love of cows. Farm on!