Many of you know that I am a relatively new mom. My children will be 2 and 4 in October. We are dairy farmers – 4th generation to be exact.
Franklin Phoebe

My parents never discouraged me from being a farmer, but they also encouraged me to see what else is out there. I swore early on in life that I’d never be a dairy farmer and I would never marry a dairy farmer. Why? They work too hard. I thought I wanted to live in the city and wear nice shoes every day. I quickly realized that wasn’t what I wanted when I met the dairy farmer of my dreams. And now with two little ones who adore the baby calves, want to sit in every tractor seat, love going for Gator rides checking on crops, and beg to go the barn with their dad, I am quickly realizing that I may in fact have the 5th generation on my lap.

So you can imagine that I was a little disheartened with all the doom and gloom portrayed in the recent New York Times article, titled Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to be Farmers. Farming is hard, don’t get me wrong and I joke that we will probably never be millionaires. But that’s ok. We are rich with other luxuries that even the wealthiest of non-farmers can’t buy.

So that’s why when I saw this article in the Huffington Post I couldn’t help but share. Here’s an excerpt.

Let your children grow up to be farmers.

“Let them cry at the beauty of fallow earth they just signed the deed for. Let them bring animals into this world, and realize they don’t care about placenta on their shirt because they no longer care about shirts. Let them wake up during a snowstorm and fight drifts at the barn door instead of traffic. Let them learn what real work is. Let them find happiness in the understanding that success and wealth are not the same thing.”

“Let them literally put food on the table, lift up their bootstraps and learn how much effort a life worth living entails.”

I will.