This June, celebrate dairy farmers all across New York State.

This June, celebrate the dairy industry and dairy farmers across New York State.

It’s June! That means the end of school is near, summertime is around the corner and it’s time to celebrate the 5,000 New York dairy farms as Dairy Month is upon us! We all have that favorite holiday that we enjoy celebrating with our families and Dairy Month is no different, except we celebrate for more than a single day.  It’s an opportunity to learn about the dairy industry and celebrate everything that it has to offer.

Personally, I believe that dairy farmers are truly a rare breed. They feed you (and their own families) three times a day. They care for their cows as if they were family members and have a passion for caring for the land, their animals and their communities.  Dairy farmers are a thriving part of New York agriculture as their farms accounted for more than one-half of the state’s total agricultural receipts in 2015. We are surrounded by farmers in this state that take pride in the work they do every day so it’s only appropriate that we celebrate Dairy Month by celebrating dairy cows and dairy farmers all month long. Be sure to stay tuned throughout the month to learn more about:

  • How farmers keep their cows comfortable during the summer heat
  • Dairy nutrition and what cows eat
  • Dairy products and how farmers work to provide you a healthy product

To find a local dairy farm near you, check out the New York Animal Agriculture Coalition page.

Did you know there are more than 600,000 dairy cows in New York State which is more than the entire population of the state of Wyoming? These cows live on more than 5,000 farms across New York State and provide a healthy, nutritious product on your table, three times a day? Imagine life without dairy farmers. No milk. No yogurt. No cheese and no ice cream. What’s summertime without ice cream?! Check out other interesting facts about the dairy industry here.

June marks the celebration of Dairy Month and the official start of summer. If you’re looking ahead to summer events, be sure to check out your local county fair and don’t be afraid to visit the dairy barn, talk to a farmer and learn more about how farmers in your local area are making an impact.

If you live near Wyoming County and want to participate in some free, family fun on the farm, swing by Agri-Palooza, held at McCormick Farms (4189 Route 78, Bliss, NY 14024) on Sunday, June 5th from 11am-4pm. Be sure to like the NY Animal Ag Coalition on Facebook to learn more about the dairy industry, ask us questions and stay up to date on other events occurring throughout the state celebrating Dairy Month.