While there are a lot of responsibilities to being a dairy farmer, it’s also a privilege to be able to work around animals everyday. Especially dairy cows. Dairy cows are special creatures. They have this incredible ability to turn products that are essentially indigestible for humans into a delicious and nutritious product for humans.

The role of the dairy cow and a dairy farm in today’s society is critical. They help support our health, our local economy, and our environment. The barn and infrastructure is more than just a place to house our cows, it’s more than just a place of business, to first generation dairy farmer, Garrett Miller, it is “home”

Meet Garrett of Oakwood Dairy in Auburn and hear about his start in this exciting industry. His passion for caring for cows and doing what he loves. “It’s amazing to watch these animals grow. And what we do everyday helps them succeed and be healthy and be happy.”