Maple Lane Farms

Maple Lane Farms

Tim and KarenThere is a dairy farm in Marietta, NY that is owned and operated by the Leubner family. The farm is known as Maple Lane Farms. Tim and his wife Erica farm alongside Tim’s brother Ed, sister Karen, and nephews Andrew and Adam. (Photo of Tim and Karen by @cabotcreamery ) Tim and Erica’s daughters, Evelyn, Claudia, and Jojo, are also involved in the farm. You might know the three daughters better as the @nyfarmgirls.   

Maple Lane Farms is now a fourth-generation farm and partnership. Tim, Ed, and Karen’s Grandparents immigrated from Germany and started the dairy in its current location in Onondaga County. The family milked their small herd in a stanchion barn until 1999. It was then that the farm had grown to the point of needing to install a milking parlor. The farm and farm family has grown a lot since the founders began milking cows. Tim and his wife Erica have even expanded their business outside of the dairy with @timspumpkinpatch. The pumpkin patch is located just a mile down the road from the dairy. The family is currently growing 70 acres of pumpkins to sell to the public this fall. 


Today the dairy farm is milking around 600 mature dairy cows and cropping a total on 1,900 acres of corn, soybeans, grass hay, and wheat and it truly is a family run operation.

"The best thing that has ever happened to the NYS Fair." in regards to the Dairy Cow Birthing Center.

– Patty Davis