EI-VI Farms

14 Pelis Rd
Newark, NY 14513

EI-VI Farms

EL-VI Farms, LLC has been a family-owned farm since 1953 at the present location.  Prior to that, the name, EL-VI Farms, LLC was created by Elmer and Viola Peck, when the farm was located near Phelps, NY.  The farm is currently run by four partners.  The company has over 40 team members.  We have about 1400 milking cows and they make about 8-10 gallons a day. We milk the cows 3x times a day, the process takes 10 minutes start to finish, for a total of 30 minutes of milking a day.

When the cows aren’t in the parlor they enjoy free time aka eat and sleep. They live in a free stall barn, this means they are free to roam and sleep where they chose.  Dairy solids(manure with the liquid squeezed out) are mixed with lime and recycled as bedding in the free stalls.   The liquid manure byproduct of manure separation is pumped to lagoons to be stored until spread on the fields at the optimum time. The cows mattresses are sturdy canvas-like material over either chopped rubber or rubber padding.

Our cows also have fans in the barn to cool them off in the warm weather. The cows are sprinkled with water when it gets hot in the free stall barn.  The cows have transponders (aka fit bit) on their leg which are identified by a computer when the cows come to the parlor. This allows us to track their health by monitoring their movement and milk production. 

Taking care of our cows is our number one goal. Our awesome team members make this happen everyday!

"The best thing that has ever happened to the NYS Fair." in regards to the Dairy Cow Birthing Center.

– Patty Davis