A dairy farm is a business by definition, and a big business in most instances. They can be complex enterprises that often require multiple layers of management – a mom and a dad, sons and daughters, sometimes uncles and cousins, and even grandparents. That’s because 99% of the farms in New York State are family owned and operated. Because of the complexity of these operations, a dairy farm is likely to have multiple generations involved to help ensure the positive progression of skills and responsibilities, as well as finances.

There are also multiple generations on hand because dairy farms are equally a way of life for families. Being a dairy farmer is not your typical 9 to 5 gig with paid vacations and holidays off. Being a dairy farmer is a commitment to the land and to the animals, 365 days a year. It is a tradition that for some families is handed down from generation to generation. And it’s not just a job that you one day retire from, which may be why the average age for a dairy farmer is 53 in New York.

Dairy farms provide a healthy and fulfilling life for more than 5,000 families in New York State. From sun up to sun set and sometimes even beyond, these families are working to provide you a healthy and wholesome product.