We look forward to sharing with you the industry that we all live and love every day.


A traditional end of the summer ritual in New York State might look something like this: back to school shopping, sleeping in and staying up late for a few more days, boating on a nearby lake and most importantly, a trip to the Dairy Cow Birthing Center! It may signify the end of summer and beginning of the new school year but let’s not rush through it too quickly because there is so much to see at the 2018 Great New York State Fair!

We’re excited to continue to feature three births daily at the Dairy Cow Birthing Center beginning August 21st leading up the culmination of Labor Day, September 3rd. As one of the top attractions at the New York State Fair, this is the ideal opportunity to stop by and learn about the dairy industry straight from dozens of dairy farmers and industry volunteers. Dairy farming is a labor of love and we look forward to sharing not only our livelihood with you, but our passion and commitment to this line of work. 

In addition to all the traditional attractions we offer at this free educational exhibit, there are some new and improved items to highlight this year:

  • Mini-documentary – A 30-minute film featuring various generations of New York dairy farmers and their insight on how the dairy industry has evolved over the years.
  • Cow College – This section of the exhibit is where you can learn about some of the exciting technology utilized on dairy farms today. From pedometers to milking machines, you’ll be amazed at the tools farmers use today.
  • Live WebCams – A live feed will continue to be streamed on our YouTube channel @NYAnimalAg but this year we’re adding a new Calf Cam so you can keep an eye on our newest additions from the comfort of your own home.

    Everyone gets excited about #uddermiracles, even some of New York’s finest posing here with two calves born last year, Phil and Cady.

We will be located in the same spot as we were last year on the west end of the fairgrounds, on the corner of Belle Isle and Broadway, just past the circus. The Intense milk lineup from Upstate Milk returns for you to get your protein fix and we will continue to offer free text messaging so you can be kept to date on the next calving. Just text MOO to 24587. The “bovine backscratcher” is back so come check out how cows stay comfortable and get a personal massage anytime they want. The “Wow that Cow” trivia wheel returns and so does Bertha, our beautiful 15’ tall bovine blimp! Fairgoers can also follow the Dairy Cow Birthing Center by following our other social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or by following the hashtag #uddermiracles.

This exhibit doesn’t happen without the support from host farms and support from sponsors throughout New York State and beyond. Learn more about our host farms here.

We look forward to conversing with you about milk production, dairy farms and the care we provide our animals so stop by and look for the yellow t-shirts of our volunteers. Grab a seat on the bleachers, meet a dairy farmer and you just might see the miracle of life right before your eyes!