Agriculture is an impressive industry in New York State, and while farmers may be less than one percent of the population, their contributions are everywhere.

The dairy industry is New York’s leading agricultural sector with more than 5,000 family farms milking more than 600,000 cows. Each one of those cows produces on average 21,000 pounds (or 2,436 gallons) of milk each year. When you add all that up, it becomes nearly 13 billion pounds (or 1.5 billion gallons) of milk produced annually in New York State.

When farmers sell that milk, it turns into more than $2.5 billion worth of revenue coming from rural, mostly upstate communities throughout New York State. The top milk producing counties in New York are Wyoming, Cayuga and St. Lawrence.

New York is ranked fourth in milk production nationally, represents approximately seven percent of the nation’s total milk supply.