The New York Animal Agriculture Coalition (NYAAC) was created because of the growing misconceptions about modern animal agriculture. Consumers are seeking information about their food – how animals are treated, what seeds are being planted, what is being done to protect water quality and more. To respond, NYAAC started working with dairy farmers to help them become more accessible and more confident in serving as their own spokespeople so that the public could receive factual information straight from the source – the farm.

NYAAC is committed to being a proactive voice and source of factual, credible information about New York dairy farms and believe that we must promote our industry in order to preserve it. Through various projects, ranging from social media interaction, farmer advocacy workshops, farm tour coordination and our flagship event – the Dairy Cow Birthing Center – we are reaching over half a million people annually with a very personal, direct and authentic message about modern animal agriculture in New York State.

The need for agricultural advocacy has never been greater and should be part of the daily conversation on dairy farms everywhere. Take a look at what we accomplished in 2017 and consider joining us because together, we can make a bigger difference!

NYAAC 2017 Annual Report

For more information about NYAAC and its activities and programs, please contact Jessica Ziehm, NYAAC Executive Director at or Eileen Jensen, NYAAC Director of Promotion & Outreach at